Configuring MongoDB for eventlog2mongodb

EventLog2MongoDB requires a MongoDB to connect to in order to send EventLogEvents to the MongoDB instance. An installation can be found here: If you're a Windows user head straight for the Quickstart Windows:

This service utilizes the C# MongoDB Driver:

App config Mongo Configuration

By default the app.config is setup as below:
  1. mongoDbConnectionString - "mongodb://localhost/?safe=true" - configured to localhost
  2. mongoDbDatabase - "test" - uses the test database instance
  3. mongoDbMachineEntitiesName - "machines" - a collection to store machine names where eventlog2mongodb is running
  4. mongoDbEventsEntitiesName - "events" - a collection to store all of the windows events.

<add key="mongoDbConnectionString" value="mongodb://localhost/?safe=true"/>
<add key="mongoDbDatabase" value="test"/>
<add key="mongoDbMachineEntitiesName" value="machines"/>
<add key="mongoDbEventsEntitiesName" value="events"/>
<add key="eventLogName" value="Application"/>
<add key="eventLogType" value="1"/>
<add key="eventLogQuery" value="EventLogQuery.txt"/>
<add key="eventLogQueryCatchup" value="EventLogQueryCatchup.txt"/>

The MongoDB Collections

Here's some views of the data using MongoVue



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